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Since 11.26.20X3

12.2.20X3: Made a page for some Souzai Gyaru GIFs. You can check them out here.

11.30.20X3: Updated the Playlists page to actually have a couple playlists! I'm not really happy with how the scroll bars worked out, but good enough for now.

11.29.20X3: Still updating. In the meantime, check out this Moogle Army I put together!

11.28.20X3: Another day, another update! Sort of finished the Blinkie page, and just renamed it to Blinkies, because that's what I want to put there. I also put a template up in the playlists page, just so I have something there for the moment.

11.27.20X3: Adding some more pages. Blinkies/Cliques updated. About Me updated. Added some 88x31 buttons to use to link to me in the Links page. I have a lot more work to do!

11.26.20X3: First update! I'm using a template from Shenanigans, with minor edits, because it's such a good layout.

About ♪ G A C H A P O N ♪

This is my website! I hope to put many things in it. But maybe I won't! I guess we'll wait and see. I'm still working on ~everything~, so I guess we'll see where it goes. This site was not made to be viewed on mobile, maybe it looks ok, but probably not. Although some parts were coded on my tablet, which is very annoying to do! I would not recommend it!

I'm aiming for a 1998-2002 style website. For the nostalgia. I have gigabytes and gigabytes of old files that I have been saving since 2002, so I'll be using a lot of old assets I've saved over the decades for this site. Ideally I would like to have a collection of interesting stuff for you!

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