I've been online since the year 2000, making blogs and websites. I also have saved a massive amount of files that I still have access to over these decades, and I'd really like to use some of those in this site. I used to be really into cartoon dollz.

I'm working on this out of a sense of nostalgia, and I'm trying not to get bogged down too much with the details, I'm just going to be sharing some stuff and try to participate in making the modern internet a little less sad and boring.

My site has a few differe pages, let's check them out!

About Me: You're here now! Just a little about me and my site.

Shrines: Good old fashioned shrines! Just individual pages of neat stuff I really like, mostly pics and minimal info.

Dollz: Pixel dolls! Cartoon dollz! Whatever you call them! I would like to have some that I made, some I adopted, some drag-and-drop adopts, links to dollz sites, and if I get really ambitious, some bases and maybe even a drag-and-drop of my own.

Old Internet: I'd like to put my thoughts and memories about the old internet here, as well as interesting links to archived sites from the distant past here.

Blinkies: Blinkies of stuff I like, blinkies that you can claim if you like them too!

Stationery: Scans of cute stationery, because I have a nice collection of vintage kawaii stationery,

Resource: Useful links and HTML for building your own website. As well as other useful, silly, stuff.

GIFs: I want to share my hoard of GIFs with you!

Play Lists: I like music! I will be sharing some themed play lists here, so you can make some mix tapes.

Collections: I collect a lot of junk, let me tell you about it.

Icons: Both 100x100 and 50x50, and maybe some other sizes too. Because I found a folder of them I saved and made 20 years ago. Real vintage graphics.

Links: Both links to other fun and useful sites, as well as 88x31 buttons you can use to link to me!

I might change things around a bit befor, or after, I get this far. I guess we'll see!